Kat Francois

Theatre - Playwright, Director, Performer. Comedian and Host.

Writer & Spoken Word Artist & Broadcaster, Keynote Speaker

Schools & Youth Educator, Dance tutor, Personal Trainer



Kat has written and performed extensively at Theatre Royal Stratford East, London:


Ten Poet Jam 2004/5

Seven Times Me 2006 (written and performed)

Spokefest 2006/7

The Blacks by Jean Genet 2007

Raising Lazarus (click here for more info) 2009 (written and performed)

Kat's Got Your Tongue (click here for more info) 2010 (written and performed)

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Seven Times Me

written and performed by Kat Francois.

An autobiographical theatrical journey, expressed through movement, poetry, dance and narrative to create a stunning hour long piece.

Seven Times Me has toured nationally including the Edinburgh Fringe 2007, Plymouth, Exeter, Nottingham, Birmingham, and internationally, Free Speech Festival Norway 2006,  Adelaide Festival 2008, Electric Festival Ireland 2009.

The play received a number of 4 star reviews.


Raising Lazarus

written and performed by Kat Francois.

Charting the experiences of Lazarus Francois, Kat’s grandfather’s first cousin, who left Grenada to fight for England in the First World War. Her own story of trying to discover who Lazarus was and what happened to him and defining his legacy. She succeeded in creating a unique, powerful and important piece of theatre.



SEVEN TIMES ME, AND RAISING LAZARUS are not only suitable for theatres but are also suitable for secondary schools, and are accompanied with educational worksheets and notes to support further facilitation either by Kat Francois or by teachers.


“WHAT’S HAPPENING TO ME?” Is an interactive play written for 9-11 year olds, which deals with aspects of growing up, including hygiene and body changes. This play also has an educational pack and this can also be purchased or Kat Francois can be booked for follow up sessions to facilitate workshops?




To discuss your needs, or to book any of the shows mentioned, please send an email to [email protected], where the project manager will be more than happy to help.

Read Reviews here Q17130GrenMusketryInstr_2

Grenadian soldiers of the British West Indies Regiment, conduct musketry training in Grenada in 1915, prior to leaving for England.

Photo courtesy of Imperial War Museum