Kat Francois

Theatre - Playwright, Director, Performer. Comedian and Host.

Writer & Spoken Word Artist & Broadcaster, Keynote Speaker

Schools & Youth Educator, Dance tutor, Personal Trainer

Schools and Young People


ONLINE SESSIONS with Kat Francois



Kat’s Klub

A fun club, using poetry, word games and movement, to provide an hour of fun and laughter.

Can be subject specific, e.g. animals, environment, sports etc.


Scribble and Sketch

A workshop for primary aged children.

During her performance Kat Francois will use handmade props.

The children will also be encouraged to create their own props to accompany the poems.

This workshop is fun and interactive, using movement, drawing and call and response.

Especially popular among the 5-7 year old age range.


Poetry Performances For Primary school

A poetry performance by award winning poet and performer, Kat Francois.

A fun, interactive joyous performance, covering subjects such as eating in the bath, pet rabbits, siblings and animals and more.


Poetry Performances for Secondary school

For secondary school children, Kat’s performance can include poetry about siblings and growing up, identity, culture, the environment and more.


Poetry Workshops For Primary school

The delivery of poetry workshops, which can cover any subject your school wishes, such as identity, bullying, the environment, family, feelings around lockdown. These sessions will use movement, call and response and singing.


Poetry Workshops for Secondary schools

Delivery of poetry lessons to fit in with a school theme e.g. environmental issues, identity, culture, bullying or based around poetic techniques like use of metaphors, personification, rhyming etc.


Lock Down Poetry

A workshop that uses poetry, imagination and creativity to help children explore their feelings around lockdown.


What’s Happening To Me?

Two part workshop delivering a puberty and internet safety session.

Aimed at year 5 and 6.  

The programme covers body and emotional changes.

The programme also looks at online dangers.

The aim of the programme is to give the pupils a clear understanding of the physical changes that will take place in their bodies and give them the confidence and language to talk to trusted adults about these changes as well as their feelings.

Can be tailored to meet your schools individual needs.

Parents meetings are also available whereby the programme and resources are shared with the parents before the workshops are delivered.



Phenomenal Me!

The Phenomenal Me Programme aims to give girls a safe space to talk and explore issues around growing up. Aimed at girls ages 9-12 years of age.

These sessions look at friendships, peer pressure, problem solving.

The sessions aim to raise the levels of self-esteem of the young women who take part.

The sessions include poetry, diary writing, drawing and other creative ways to promote discussion, self-reflection and empathy.

These sessions can be bespoke and created to reflect the specific needs of individual groups.

The sessions consist of two workshops.

The session can also include a puberty element if needed.


WRITE THE [email protected] AWAY

An adult workshop for teachers to help de-stress.

Using diary writing, creative writing and poetry as a tool of self-expression.

Encouraging teachers to use creativity to help de-stress and re-set.

Each session finishes with ten minutes of mindfulness.

These sessions can be bespoke and delivered as one off sessions of one or two hour workshops or as a series of workshops.


Teacher Training For Primary School Teachers

How to inject poetry and creativity into your classroom.

These workshops pass on tried and tested exercises, tips, ideas on how to teach poetry in the classroom. Working through techniques, such as rhyming, the senses, similes, metaphors and onomatopoeia.


Teacher Training for Secondary School Teachers.

These workshops share tried and tested creativity techniques used in the classroom to make poetry fun and approachable.





These are workshops that can be pre-recorded to suit the needs of your school.

Schools have been provided with video recorded performances.

Video recorded workshops.

Video recorded teacher training.

These workshops can also be provided with teacher notes, if enough lead up time is given.




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