Kat Francois

Theatre - Playwright, Director, Performer. Comedian and Host.

Writer & Spoken Word Artist & Broadcaster, Keynote Speaker

Schools & Youth Educator, Dance tutor, Personal Trainer

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Forthcoming Events

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Part of The Last Word, a festival where words come alive. Roundhouse, Camden.


Women must…


Women must…


Women must…



A bold and powerful multidisciplinary spoken word performance exploring the relationships which women from black and dual heritage backgrounds have with the world around them.


Through a mix of poetry, theatre and movement, Women Must provokes, challenges and asks questions, placing marginalised voices front and centre.


Everything is up for grabs; consent, mother-daughter relationships, body image, the female orgasm, break ups, fetishisation, mental health and more.


Women Must is a theatrical explosion of passion, pain, laughter and ultimately hope.


Written and performed by Lola Oh, Tashan, Antonia Jade King, Bradie Marques Stewart, Wendy Tuffour.


Original music by Miss Jaqui. Movement by Tashan. Directed and devised by Kat Francois. Technical support by Rob Covell.

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Part of The Last Word, a festival where words come alive. At Roundhouse, Camden


After the high drama of 2018’s North VS South clash, the BoxedIn team return for what is set to be one of the events of the summer.


Reawakening an age old rivalry and finally putting to bed the eternal question Londoners have grappled with since the city’s inception: What’s better, East or West?


Taking cues from reggae sound clash culture – two team captains select the crème de la crème of spoken word artists to rep their ends and defeat the opposition with their lyrical prowess and competitive flair.


Expect music, special guests, high energy and plenty of (friendly) rivalry as the teams go head to head.


Who wins? You decide.

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